It respects no borders and affects us all, directly or indirectly...

Kathe mera sth douleia..tha diavasw kati antistoixo..
Shmera eipa na to deiksw kai se sena..

"Each year, 7 million people die from cancer and over 11 million new cases are diagnosed. In today's world, everyone will be touched by cancer - as a person living with cancer, a family member or a friend.

If the trend continues, 16 million people will discover they have cancer in 2020, three-quarters of them in newly-industrialized and developing countries

The reasons for the increase in cancer mortality vary from region to region, but they include increased exposure to risk factors such as tobacco use, unhealthy diet, reduced physical activity and longer life expectancy.

Survival outcomes also vary dramatically throughout the world - not just between countries, not just between cities, but even between hospitals within the same city. Wide variation in access to quality cancer care is a major cause of these discrepancies.

One in eight deaths worldwide is due to cancer, which claims twice as many lives as AIDS"

(International Union Against Cancer)

Mhpws se peisw na stamathseis..mhpws se peisw na ksekinhseis...

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